Men’s Retreat 2018, “REconnect”

February 16-18 at Camp Mt. Crags

In the midst of our culture being focused on success, materialism, and power, God calls us to be people of character, community and authenticity. We are responsible for how we influence our culture and our family and are called to BELONG with each other in order to impact the world. Join us for this impactful weekend filled with good food, great company, and amazing growth.

Coming back to where we need go be – REconnect with each other; REconnect with God.

Cost: $260, scholarships available, register online

Contact: Scott Chamberlain at

2 responses to “Men’s Retreat 2018, “REconnect””

  1. Charles Escher says:

    What are accommodations I’m very interested but I have a cpap machine to sleep with. Thank you

  2. Scott A Chamberlain says:

    We can accommodate you. Feel free to email me at I did respond to your email also. Bless you,

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