First Sunday of Advent: The Days are Coming

A Montrose Church Advent Devotional by Pastor Rick

First Sunday of Advent: The Days are Coming

Today’s reading: Jeremiah 33:14-16

Living in a broken world can play havoc on a person’s emotions if they are not careful. Familiarity breeds contempt, says the old adage, and in the familiar there can be a deep and deadening vulnerability; vulnerabilities, really – boredom, fatigue, casualness, looseness, lack of intention, sloppiness. It can go on and on. Thankfully, we are not left alone in this broken world. God has come to us. God has come within us. God has shown up with a promise. He is at work in redemptive and restorative ways to ensure that His people will not be lost in the shuffle of things.

Followers of Jesus are a people of hope in a world where hope seems further and further away. Back in 1955, Flannery O’Connor said something that resonates loud and clear today. She said, “Right now the whole world seems to be going through a dark night of the soul,” (from a letter written on September 6, 1955, to Betty Hester, published in “The American Reader”). Today, over sixty years later, that evaluation seems to be even more on target.

How we need to come under the leadership of one who will “execute justice and righteousness on the earth” (v.15). Not fabricated justice, or made up justice, or justice for some and not for others, but true, unadulterated justice. It is in righteousness that Jesus lives out the meaning of justice. He does not show favoritism. He never takes a bribe or speaks in the terms of purchased justice. Truth is truth with Jesus. So His leadership does not favor the rich and powerful, but treats all people with the same dignity and honor.

St. Augustine once said, “When regard for truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, all things will remain doubtful.”  Truth is, we live in a very doubtful age, don’t we. “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” is a difficult maxim to fully embrace. So, when Jesus comes along and promises to speak only justice and righteousness, some have a difficult time believing Him, and some don’t want this kind of leadership.

Maybe that’s why Flannery O’Connor also said, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you odd.” This leads me to ask, “Do we really want Jesus?”


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