Advent Day 2: Faith Stayed on God

A Montrose Church Advent Devotional by Pastor Rick

Advent Day 2: Faith Stayed On God

Today’s reading: Psalm 90

Psalm 90 is a prayer – a prayer prayed in a time of desperation. It was written by Moses, and Matthew Henry reminds us that “it was penned upon occasion of the sentence passed upon Israel in the wilderness for their unbelief, murmuring, and rebellion.” The Psalm reminds us that we live in a world constantly assaulting our intellect and our emotions, and tempting us away from the covenant and promise of God. Perhaps this reality is why we come to a psalm like this in the Advent season.

In these turbulent times we do well to remember one overarching reality, and it is that God has “been our dwelling place in all generations” (v. 1). This was true for the Hebrews at the time of Moses and it is true for the people of God today. Life will throw its worst at us, and many times we are left bewildered and confused. In those moments will we keep our faith stayed on God or will we crash and burn in the desert experience?

Moses calls us to remember that we don’t live forever in this world. Our citizenship is in another world. In this world we are called “to number our days, that we may present to [God] a heart of wisdom”(v. 12). This calls us to trust in the faithfulness of God, to live in the conviction that the days of our lives really are in the hands of God. When things are going badly, our lives are in the hands of God. When things are going well, our lives are in the hands of God. We are never alone in the ebb and flow of the times in which we live.

Jesus is always saying to His people, “Come to Me…and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). Life will never make this promise, but our God, filled with love and amazing grace, makes it to us, and keeps His Word.

Praise to the Incarnate Son,

who comes to set us free,

with God the Father, ever One,

to all eternity.

– from, “The Advent of Our God,” by Charles Coffin, 1739, and translated from Latin into English by Harriett Packer, 1906


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