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Advent Day 13: Christmas Lights

December 13, 2019 Shawna Diehl Advent

Advent Day 13: Christmas Lights

Today's Reading: John 1:9-18

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas season is the lights. The warm glow, the twinkling of the tree, the colors on the homes on dark and chilly evenings. It fills me with the hope and expectancy of the season and all that it means.

I want you now to take a deep breath and imagine yourself sitting amongst the glow of those familiar Christmas lights. Let the warmth of that place settle down into your inner world, where your soul resides, and allow that warmth to remind you that somehow, someway, everything is going to be okay.

Our world functions at a state of high intensity. Always on guard and alert, awaiting the next catastrophe. In some ways, this isn’t an ill-advised way to live. But sometimes we need to remember that under the current of all that is happening, there is a still small voice saying: “You are okay.”

Many years ago, the light of the world entered our brokenness. It was a world that was created through Him, yet He wasn’t recognized. Could it be because His original creation had become so distorted? Yet He came all the same. He made His dwelling among us. Not in a throne room, but in a stable. He made it very clear from the beginning that He was a King like no other. He made himself accessible to all. This passage reminds us that all who receive Him are made His children. When we say yes to Him, we are adopted into His family. His family is very much like those Christmas lights. His love settles down deep in your soul and reminds you that there is much for which to hope. His love covers your weary heart and tucks you in, safe and sound. When you are adopted into His family, he claims responsibility for your life.

Max Lucado speaks of his father’s nighttime ritual. He would have a glass of cornbread and buttermilk, check all the doors, and finally walk into his son’s rooms and assure them: “Everything is secure, boys. You can go to sleep now.” God loves his children, and he oversees our world. He not only makes sure the door is secure, He is the door. Nothing that comes your way is unbeknownst to Him. He is our light and our security. May your soul rest easy in His light this season.


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