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Advent Day 16: Filled with God's Spirit

December 16, 2019 Coltin Brink Advent

Advent Day 16: Filled With God’s Spirit

Today's Reading: Luke 1:14-17

What’s your favorite Christmas food or dessert? My favorite is Christmas cookies. I will eat any kind of Christmas cookie. Santa is jealous of how many cookies I eat during Christmas. I fill my stomach with those little delicious things year after year. What food do you fill your stomach with during this season?

It’s easy to have our lives filled with all sorts of things during this advent season. We are filled with the busyness of family, gifts, travel, and all that comes with Christmas and the holidays. It’s fun and exciting, but at times, overwhelming.

In Luke 1:14-17, we read about a man who will be filled with the Spirit. A man who will “make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” This man is John the Baptist, and he goes on to live life exactly as the angel had prophesied. He pointed the way to Christ and did powerful things while being filled with God’s spirit.

What are you allowing your life to be filled with this advent season?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of this season, but God invites us to slow down and fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit. When we slow down and focus on being filled with the Spirit, we will see things that we might have otherwise missed. We will see people in need to whom we can reach out. We will view our family time as precious and not as a chore. We might even see the wonderful celebration of Christmas in a whole new light.

Prayer: May God fill us with His Spirit this advent season. May we be able to slow down and see all the opportunities we have to point others to Christ. May we make a people prepared for the coming of the Lord.


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