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Advent Day 17: In the Presence of God

December 17, 2019 Austin Nielsen Advent

Advent Day 17: In the Presence of God

Today's Reading: Luke 1:18-25

Zechariah was a priest. It was a great honor to be chosen to perform the sacred duties at the temple, and Zechariah had been chosen to burn the incense. As he performed his duty, the angel Gabriel told him that he and his wife would have a son who would be a prophet and prepare the way for the Lord. Wow! What was Zechariah’s response? Hesitancy and doubt, which seems pretty normal since he and his wife were old and past childbearing years. Sound familiar to Abraham and Sarah in Genesis?

Zechariah’s doubt is in stark contrast to Abraham’s belief. I love Gabriel’s strong response, “I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news.” In other words, “The very God you serve, who you have not seen… I am daily in His presence. You doubt the message I am delivering from God himself?”

Yet God continues to be in the business of fulfilling promises, masterfully weaving together a story of redemption for all humanity. Zechariah and Elizabeth’s son, John the Baptist, would be the one to prepare the way for Jesus. Elizabeth was now honored in her old age because God blessed her with a son. Mary was pregnant with Jesus at the same time Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist. The story was woven together perfectly.

May God help us with our unbelief. Let us be willing to step into the promises of God, believing that he is weaving us into his grand story of love and redemption. Before you move on with your day, take five minutes to sit in his presence, whether you pray, listen, or simply quiet your mind to listen.


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