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Advent Day 19: Rejoice

December 19, 2019 Candice McVey Advent

Advent Day 19: Rejoice

Today's Reading: Luke 1:46-56

More than eight months ago, in a small packed courthouse, my husband and I were asked to give our oath to love our foster daughter as our own. With tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces, we promised. I looked around the courtroom to take in the moment and there were not many dry eyes. People had fallen in love with how happy she was during the court session - almost as if she had made the choice for us to be her parents all on her own. In that moment after our oath, I really wanted to tell the crowded room how lucky I was to be her mom. I wanted the people in the courthouse to know what a joy it was to be her mother. Our loving God has a magnificent plan for our daughter’s life, and I am honored to be on the sideline to help her grow into that plan. Unfortunately, this was not the appropriate time for that, but I have since had the time to tell many family and friends.

The process of adopting our daughter was extremely vulnerable, so as I put myself in Mary’s shoes, a young pregnant, unmarried woman, I can only imagine the uncertainty she had. Despite Mary’s circumstance, she still has this beautiful song in Luke 1 that overflows from her heart. It zooms into the essence of her joy: the potential of what her son will bring to humanity. In this passage, Mary does so many things that I couldn't, not only does she share a special song about her joy, but teaches us how to share joy. Friends, these are good reminders:

  • Share joy with people that bring you comfort.
  • Make it a priority to share joy.
  • Create an expression to share where your joy is centered (i.e., words, poems, songs, art).

Our prayer for you: Lord, may we always share joy, especially when we don’t feel like it. May our joy come from you and may it be contagious. Amen.


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