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Advent Day 23: You're Beautiful with God's Beauty

December 23, 2019 Scott Chamberlain Advent

Advent Day 23: You’re Beautiful with God’s Beauty

Today's Reading: Luke 1:26-30 (MSG)

Wow what a scripture! Please go back and read the verses again in "The Message" translation, and put yourself in the shoes of Mary. As we are finally moving out of our frozen experiences, and God is now visiting us with words of affirmation, how often do I respond with fear and worry! Why do we push Him away, when he wants to thaw us out and bring renewal? This scripture reminds me of two things:

First, the Lord is with you, just as you are... not because of your “faith” or “being perfect”, but because it is the fact of the good news of the gospel. He is for us, and not against us. God’s character is one of seeing us as we are, and still coming to give us his peace and his grace in the midst of being troubled. When Mary heard the words of the angel, she was greatly troubled. Still the angel speaks the words of God’s heart “do not be afraid, you have found favor with God”. You are in good standing, YOU ARE ALRIGHT! Don’t listen to those words of doubt, but rather realize you are amazing in God’s eyes! Take some time to just sit in that moment to hear the affirmation of God’s heart.

Secondly, the Lord honors women! It cannot be overlooked that the heart of God is honoring the faith of a young woman! He does not see her as “less than”, but as a full partner in the advancement of God’s plan for creation! Luke has an amazing way of highlighting those that the world sees as “less than”. In our culture today and even in the church, often women are not seen as full partners in the teaching and ministry of the gospel. I want us to see the heart of God that honors women in general. The Message translation says of verse 28, to Mary:

“Good morning!
 You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, Beautiful inside and out!
 God be with you.”

I am blessed by having a beautiful wife, inside and out, that faithfully loves God. She displays the characteristics of God’s heart, that are reflected in the heart of a woman; wisdom, nurturance, strength, tenderness, insight, and much more! Oh how I need to honor my wife, my daughter, and all women, as they also reflect the image of the Almighty. Take time to honor the faithfulness of a woman in your midst!

During these days before Christmas, receive the word of the Lord that is filled with hope and promise. Do not be afraid or be troubled, but deeply receive His good news that He sees you as beautiful with God’s beauty!


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