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Advent Day 3: Abide

December 03, 2019 Shawna Diehl Advent

Advent Day 3: Abide

Today's Reading: Genesis 3:8-15

Do you hear God saying to you this season: “Where are you?” He looked for Adam and Eve in the Garden. Not out of duty, not out of anger, but because they were His creation, His beloved.

We were created to be with God. Where we find our wholeness is simply near Him. He is near.

Max Lucado explains that we must stop forcing the fruit in our lives. Our job is simply to hang on to the vine. Jesus is our vine, we are the branches. He gives us this simple instruction multiple times in His word: “Abide in me.” (John 15:4)

Can you do that this season? There is hustle and bustle, parties and family dinners, shopping lists to get checked off, decorations to hang, cookies to decorate, elves to put on shelves, and so much more. But as the serpent distracted Adam and Eve, don’t allow the busyness of this season distract you from the Father, from our true reason to celebrate.

Brennan Manning writes about an analogy that a hermit made to turbulent waters. He says, “That is the way it is when you live constantly in the midst of others. You do not see yourself as you really are because of all the confusion and disturbance. You fail to recognize the divine presence in your life and consciousness of your belovedness slowly fades.”

Do not get so distracted by the turbulent waters this season that you lose sight of the One who wants to be with you. He’s looking for you in the Garden, He will never stop asking “Where are you?” Will you draw near to Him?


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