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Lent Day 20: Compassionate Service

March 19, 2020 John and Sungshim Loppnow Lent

If you missed the previous posts in this Lent series, you might find it helpful to start with Lent Day 4: Getting Started with Practices.

This Week's Breath Prayer*

  • Pause, be present to God in this moment, and notice the effect that this prayer has on you. Pray this prayer twice as follows:
  • Breathe IN: "Abba"
  • Breathe OUT 1st time: "I belong to you" -or- "belong"
  • Breathe OUT 2nd time: "WE belong to you" -or- "belong"

*For more detail on this breath prayer, see Lent Day 17: Prayer.

Go Deeper with Compassionate Service (optional):

  • Pause and ask God to bring someone (or a group of people) to your mind whom you easily put into a category of “them” or “over there”. During times of danger or life-threatening situations, we often become less relational and inclusive. In these times, the majority of our attention and energy goes toward self protection - a fight, flight, or freeze response.

    This is the time when we need to be reminded of a deeper reality where God’s abundant goodness holds us up and frees us to move beyond self-preservation. This is the time when we need to be assured that our group identity as Christians is for the sake of the world: “Us for Them”. The Gungor song “Us for Them” (in the video above) beautifully expresses God's message of inclusion.

    Who needs to be included in our attention today? Talking to God about your inner experience using SIFT (sensation, image, feeling and thought) can be a helpful way to discern your next step of compassionate action/service.
  • Have a conversation with God about the person you want to serve and love. Once you have an idea or two on how to include someone in your attention today, have a conversation with God about your desire and action plan. Then remember to pause and listen to God’s response.

    “Dear God…”

    “Dear child of mine…”

  • Schedule a time to follow through with your desire to serve and love. Take a minute to schedule your plan.


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