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Lent Day 26: Compassionate Service

March 26, 2020 John and Sungshim Loppnow Lent

If you missed the previous posts in this Lent series, you might find it helpful to start with Lent Day 4: Getting Started with Practices.

This Week's Breath Prayer*

  • Pause, be present to God in this moment, and notice the effect that this prayer has on you. Pray this prayer twice as follows:
  • Breathe IN: "Peace"
  • Breathe OUT: "Be still" -or- "still"

*For more detail on this breath prayer, see Lent Day 23: Prayer.

Go Deeper with Compassionate Service (optional):

  • Pause and ask God to bring to your attention people who are in the storm and need to be reminded of God’s presence and action that is accessible and available to them. Remember that we humans are designed to regulate our emotions with others.

    The words like compassion, help or service often give us the picture of a clear line that separates a giver from a receiver. Thus, when we are invited to practice compassionate service we might see ourselves in the place of a giver and look for a receiver out there; you are separate from the receiver. Much of human plight comes from an illusion that we are separate. We are not separate, but deeply connected to one another and to God. When we are invited to practice compassionate service let us remember two things: We are made in the image of God, who is a community of Love; thus, compassionate service is a natural expression of God, a community of Love, within us.

    Our globe seems to stand in solidarity in the face of pandemic. Let this suffering transform us!
  • Have a conversation with God about the person you want to serve and love.Once you have an idea or two on how to include someone in your attention today, have a conversation with God about your desire and action plan. Then remember to pause and listen to God’s response.

    “Dear God…”

    “Dear child of mine…”

  • Schedule a time to follow through with your desire to serve and love. Take a minute to schedule your plan. Our action plan does not need to be grand but grounded in the reality that we are all in this together.


    • SMILE to all people with whom we interact -  in person or virtually!
    • Use a caring and loving tone of voice
    • Reach out to those who come to your mind via text, call or email
    • Offer your help proactively:

      - “I love to help. Is there anything you need?”

      - “Please let us know if or when you need anything. It will be our joy to help!”

      - “I'd love to pray for you. Let me know if there is anything you want me to pray for along with you.”


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