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Make an Investment in Your Future: Invest in Beyond

October 01, 2018 Dave Roberts Giving

“You give them something to eat.” – Jesus, to his disciples, Mark 6

  • BEYOND ourselves
  • BEYOND our abilities
  • BEYOND the walls

Jesus’ command to his disciples drives us to take our resources and faith BEYOND our limitations to accomplish God’s purposes here. As a church, we have again reached the capacity of our limited space and are taking faithful steps to pursue solutions that require dedicated fundraising.  BEYOND encompasses the expansion of our Montrose Church worship center as well as building up our new campus at Pasadena Bresee.

Ready to give? Simply download, complete, and return the Commitment Card to the right. Then choose from these options to make your donations:

  1. Online Giving. Make your initial donation online and/or schedule your remaining gifts online now. Be sure to select Fund “5-BEYOND Capital Campaign.”
  2. Mobile Giving. Make a one-time gift via a text message. Simply text the AMOUNT and the keyword BEYOND to 818-330-1180 (example: $500 BEYOND).
  3. Personal Check. You can always donate via a personal check in the Sunday offering. Simply mark your check “BEYOND”.
  4. Don’t forget to return your Commitment Card with your initial donation by dropping it in the Sunday offering or returning it to the Ministry Offices.

Got questions? Click the question below to see the corresponding answer. 

Question: The example gift table in the Commitment Card implies that 50% of the gift has to be given up front. Is that the only way to give?

Answer: No, the table is simply a “suggested” giving schedule. You determine how much you can give up front and how much you will give over the three-year period.

Question: Are we paying anything for the Pasadena Bresee building?

Answer: No, we are not purchasing the Pasadena Bresee building, nor are we required to pay rent. Bresee and the District have asked us to come so we are not being charged to occupy the building. We will, however, incur building operating costs, such as utilities and taxes.

Question: Will the church finance any part of the building or Bresee projects?

Answer: Possibly. Financing depends on the amount of initial donations. It is possible that we could fund all projects without taking out any financing. However, if we need to finance, it may be in the form of a construction loan or credit line that we would expect to be fully repaid by the end of the three-year capital campaign.

Question: Will members of the church that are contractors be used in the construction project?

Answer: Yes. After the building project plans are complete, we will ask members of the congregation who would like to participate to submit bids on the sub-contractor projects.

Question: What is the timing of giving over the three-year campaign; monthly, quarterly, or annually?

Answer: The timing of your giving is your decision. You may give monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You can simply (1) place a check in the offering or (2) make your initial donation online now, and then schedule your remaining gifts online. All gifts should be designated to the “BEYOND Capital Campaign”. We will help you track your commitment with periodic giving statements.

Question: Why are we expanding the church sanctuary?

Answer: This expansion will help us accomplish several goals: 

  1. Greater flexibility on the types of events that can be held at the church through expansion of the stage
  2. Increase our seating capacity by 40%, by adding approximately 100 seats
  3. Offer ministry in parallel with service schedules, with the addition of a large meeting room
  4. Expand hospitality opportunities by adding a commercial kitchen
  5. Improve logistics by adding a prayer room and a green room
  6. Meet ADA compliance by updating the bathrooms
Question: How does my commitment to BEYOND impact my regular giving?

Answer: Your BEYOND commitment is intended to be in addition to your regular tithe. Regular tithes are needed to fund the normal operating expenses of the church.

Question: Other than money, how can I participate in the church mission of reaching out and looking BEYOND ourselves?

Answer: There are a host of opportunities to look beyond ourselves: 

  • Participate in our many community impact programs: Summer Night Lights, Breakfast with Santa, neighborhood block parties, The Max tutoring, and others
  • Volunteer in our student ministries programs
  • Be an example in the places you already participate – work, coaching, PTA, scouts, and more
  • Invite new people to your LifeGroup and/or invite your friends to a church service or event
  • Serve at our new Pasadena Bresee campus, where we will have several opportunities as we move forward with this project
Question: Will new staff be added as a result of the Pasadena Bresee campus?

Answer: Yes. We want to offer student ministries for the Pasadena Bresee community. A portion of the BEYOND funding is designated to hire required staff, which will be in advance of increased giving at the new campus.

Question: How long will it take to complete the sanctuary project?

Answer: After the approval processes are complete, the building project will take an additional 6 to 9 months.

Question: Is May 19th the only date that commitments will be received/accepted?

Answer: No. May 19th is initial and primary date for submitting your Commitment Card and initial contribution (by check or online), however we will be taking commitments through June 30th. Be sure to designate all payments to the “BEYOND Capital Campaign”.

More Questions? Contact  .