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Show the Truth: Young Life Capernaum Virtual Camp

August 12, 2020 Austin Nielsen Ministry Partners

Amy Nielsen (@amyleighmick) is the Area Director with Young Life - Greater Pasadena Capernaum (@gpylcapernaum) which reaches out to kids and young adults with disabilities, sharing the hope of life with Jesus. This ministry takes root by caring, local adults reaching out to kids and building meaningful, mentoring relationships with them. Extending unconditional love and consistency in relationship, Young Life leaders aim to introduce kids to Jesus and help them grow in their faith.

For years Montrose Church has supported Young Life Capernaum as a strategic community partner, engaging in faithful work within the disability community. Montrose Church is a firm believer that people of all abilities are essential to the body of Christ. Young Life Capernaum is bridging the gap to connect young people with disabilities and their families into local church communities.

As we have all had to adapt in this season, Greater Pasadena Capernaum has also had to shift, pausing in person and group gatherings, not taking a bus full of kids to camp this summer, and so much more. However, their heartbeat to remain connected in relationship with kids and families has remained. This summer, a spirit of creativity and faithfulness led the team of leaders to create a “virtual camp”. Across Los Angeles, five Young Life ministries and staff gathered over 130 young people with disabilities and leaders for a two-day virtual camp experience. Leaders got to smile across the screen as they reconnected with kids, sharing the gospel and having fun together with games, music and small group sharing.

We are proud to partner with Young Life - Greater Pasadena Capernaum as we seek true mutual belonging among people with and without disabilities.

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