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Thought for the Week: You are Mine

March 02, 2020 Shawna Diehl Inspiration

Being chosen holds weight. Chosen for a job, a part, a position, as a friend, a spouse, or even a family member. Our heart desires this, we feel like something is missing without it. We put in effort regularly to receive this in some shape or fashion.

Our true desire is to be chosen in our brokenness, our weirdness - exactly as we are. Being welcomed, invited, and accepted is healing - like balm to a worn soul.

Christ offers this to us every day. Without work, question, or effort - even the most simple choice in our life doesn’t compare to the ease at which He chooses us. Even when the choice was life or death, when it would cause incredible physical pain and emotional suffering, He chose us, on the cross, without pause.

The Father sent His own son for this choice. The lengths He will go to make this choice is immeasurable. We are His creation, His children, He is our Abba - our Father God.

When you feel like the world picks you last, when they leave you on the bench - remember this truth that God proclaims to us: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Tune in to this truth, first. The other choices in our life take work. We must show up on time, produce something of value, say the right things, have the right attitude, make the winning shot, or be the perfect someone or something. But not when it comes to the Almighty. He sees us in our most lowly, haggard state and is filled to the brim with love. Let this love lead you in all the ways you should go, and never forget - you are chosen.

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