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Thriving in LA's Skid Row

May 06, 2019 Scott Chamberlain Giving, Ministry Partners

You have heard us share about how your Faith Promise support goes to help Swaziland, Special Olympics and our STARS program with Because You Matter. Did you know that you also support additional partnerships with proven community based non-profits in our region?

One of those partners is a ministry that I started in skid row Los Angeles 30 years ago, Central City Community Outreach and Church of the Nazarene. This church based non-profit "builds relationships in skid row, helping people to THRIVE". One of their great outreach programs is the Wednesday night Karaoke Coffee Club for those experiencing homelessness, that some members of Montrose Church have volunteered at. Watch the slideshow of 30 years of ministry at Central City!

Your support helps organizations in our region to spread the love of God beyond the walls of Montrose Church. Even during the summer months, your support is needed now more than ever, to help impact our neighborhoods with tangible acts of kindness. Will you consider giving a summer Faith Promise donation to help us continue to partner with organizations like Central City?