How are your finances?

Not a question we typically discuss with each other, but it's a topic we all think about daily. Money can cause a lot of stress or can be a great tool for good. The Bible gives us guidance on how to manage our money well and we want to equip you with the tools to do just that! Montrose Church has partnered with the Dave Ramsey Group to give you the tools you need to conquer debt, build savings, give generously, and leave a legacy. This year-long subscription to the Ramsey+ suite is absolutely free to you! What's the catch? It's going to take some dedication and hard work, but we believe it will change your life forever! Register today to begin your journey to healthy finances as you follow the Biblical guidance God has given all of us!

How is Ramsey+ different from FPU?

Financial Peace University (FPU) is taught in a nine-lesson class that we promote, offer and launch to our members. After the nine lessons are over, graduates continue their financial journey on their own.

Ramsey+, on the other hand, walks with people throughout their entire financial journey. Ramsey+ still includes FPU, but the team over at Ramsey Solutions is constantly adding more resources to help people continue to win with money. They’ve rolled all of their content, tools, and resources into one all-access membership that helps people lead a life of financial peace.

With additional courses like Jump Start, Smart Money Smart Kids, Legacy Journey and Budgeting That Actually Works, people in every walk of life have access to financial education customized for exactly where they are on their money journey. Using the EveryDollar app, people can create budgeting habits that help them take control of their money every month. And with the new BabySteps app, they can track their progress and see how quickly they can reach their goals. All of these great tools are included with Ramsey+.

To learn more, contact Austin Nielsen at austin.nielsen@montrosechurch.org.

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