Sermon Series

Once Upon a Song

Music speaks, and every song has a story. This series explores how the story of God is written into the great music of praise and worship. Whether an old hymn or a modern chorus, these musical stories invite us to celebrate, to breathe in God’s word, and to be transformed at the deepest levels of our spirit.

More Series

Has this past year left you feeling held back, trapped, or even lifeless? Do you feel like the story of Easter really makes a difference in your life? Resurrection is a promise that we can be free at last, even in the deepest places of our experience. This Easter we’re going back to basics by starting in the Old Testament to learn how Israel’s deliverance became the metaphor for the work of Jesus Christ to free all people. If you’ve lost your way, feel abandoned, or can’t see how God is relevant to you today - this message is for you.

Free at Last

There is a new normal. We didn’t see it coming and we don’t know what the future looks like. So what do we hang onto? True faith. Community. Each other. All the way back in the book of Philippians, even Paul knew something about a new normal. He knew we are designed to be in community. He taught that our reliance upon Jesus drives us toward each other to share in both the joys and pains of life. It’s not easy. At times it can be messy. Yet if we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, we don’t have to shy away from difficulty. In fact, we are drawn to a depth and growth that can only be found when we are united in Christ and pursuing him together.

The New Normal

C.S. Lewis’ phrase, “always winter and never Christmas,” in describing the land of Narnia, captures something at the very heart of the Old Testament prophesies. The children of Israel waited in anticipation for winter to fade; for a Messiah to deliver them. Yet in the midst of this seemingly frozen, wintry silence, the prophets and kings kept their hope in focus - a hope that even in the midst of winter, Christmas was coming. This Christmas, we’ll look deeply into our lives for the places that seem to be “always winter and never Christmas” and remember that through the coming of Jesus, Christmas can break through!

Always Winter, Never Christmas?

We love a good story - one with a beginning, middle, and end; a story where you can even skip to the end before knowing the details that brought that ending about. The Bible is not a cover-to-cover linear story, it is more like a narrative arch emerging from the library of books that comprise it. If we look at the end of the Bible in Revelation 21, we find a picture of a future reality that leaves us with the questions: How do we get there? What started this story and why did it lead us here? If this ending hasn’t happened yet, how do we fit into the story? Keeping all of these questions in mind, this eight part series explores how the pieces of the Bible fit together to tell one compelling story of hope, compassion and love - the greatest story ever told.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Bible calls us to more than a moment of spiritual transformation, it calls us to a lifetime of healthy spirituality that actually changes our thoughts, feelings, and actions - a behavioral spirituality. The truths presented by Paul in Colossians about "putting off" old behaviors and "clothing" ourselves with a new way of living are the heart of our hope. This series explores how Paul’s spirituality stands up to modern behavioral science and meaningful psychological work.

Behavioral Spirituality