Sermon Series

The Spirits of Christmas

Two thousand years ago at the first Christmas, the Holy Spirit was at work, weaving together a story of hope, light, and redemption. Nineteen centuries later Charles Dickens’ story gave us another set of spirits, past, present, and future, to revive human goodwill and real love. And now, you're invited to experience the “spirits” of the first Christmas to awaken your heart to the redemptive power of Jesus’ birth. December 2 - 30, 2018

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The Bible calls us to more than a moment of spiritual transformation, it calls us to a lifetime of healthy spirituality that actually changes our thoughts, feelings, and actions - a behavioral spirituality. The truths presented by Paul in Colossians about "putting off" old behaviors and "clothing" ourselves with a new way of living are the heart of our hope. This series explores how Paul’s spirituality stands up to modern behavioral science and meaningful psychological work.

Behavioral Spirituality