Part 6, An Intergenerational New Normal

June 14, 2020

Part 6, An Intergenerational New Normal

Dave Roberts


Categories: Community

Series: The New Normal

There is a new normal. We didn’t see it coming and we don’t know what the future looks like. So what do we hang onto? True faith. Community. Each other. All the way back in the book of Philippians, even Paul knew something about a new normal. He knew we are designed to be in community. He taught that our reliance upon Jesus drives us toward each other to share in both the joys and pains of life. It’s not easy. At times it can be messy. Yet if we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, we don’t have to shy away from difficulty. In fact, we are drawn to a depth and growth that can only be found when we are united in Christ and pursuing him together.